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It can look like still waters on the outside while a hurricane is swirling in your mind.
Marcie Barber Phares

Huge hurricane and the calm water farther with OCD quote

Picture standing in a room filled with flies and pouring a bottle of syrup over yourself. The flies constantly swarm about you, buzzing around your head and in your face. You swat and swat, but they keep coming. The flies are like obsessional thoughts — you can’t stop them, you just have to fend them off. The swatting is like compulsions — you can’t resist the urge to do it, even though you know it won’t really keep the flies at bay more than for a brief moment.
— Cheryl Little Sutton

Flies swarm, swatter and OCD quote

All behavioral or mood disorders – including depression, OCD, ADHD and addiction – have some neurochemical components, but sufferers can still work to overcome them.
– Jeffrey Kluger

Snail overcoming obstacle and quote about different mental disorders

The thoughts are not you and the scenario they present is not real.

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As regards OCD, we often talk that it is like having 2 brains:

  • a “normal brain”
  • an OCD brain (we are encouraged to think about OCD as a separate entity)

( Read more : You Are Not Your Thoughts | International OCD Foundation )

It is worth pointing here that thoughts of people with OCD are often in opposition to them.

( Read more: You Are Not Your Thoughts – psychcentral.com )

Don’t believe the guilt. It’s only a byproduct of OCD.

Woman covering her face by her hands and OCD quote

OCD thoughts are not the problem. Your choice to take them seriously is the problem.

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For me, it’s an ever-present nagging feeling that something is just ‘not right.’ I can never really, truly ‘make it right.’ I have to learn to live with the all-consuming feeling of mental discomfort.

— Laura McCarthy

letters O,C,D with O letter uneven and OCD quote

if you are going through an OCD spike, allow it to pass, don’t force it to leave. Give no energy towards it!

Single wave on calm waters and OCD quote

Don’t try to figure out an OCD question. Accept the uncertainty.

Woman moving forward toward mist and quote about accepting uncertainty

With OCD, the more you seek the answer the more questions will arise.

Woman's head with many question marks and OCD quote

Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.

anxious about the future man and OCD quote

Fear is what stops you. Courage is what keeps you going.

Woman is starting getting out of box and quote about fear and courage

I am in charge of how I feel and today I choose happiness.

Man choosing way in forest and quote about happiness

Recovery takes time. Don’t get discouraged.

Turtles are heading towards the water and quote about recovery of OCD

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